KRY Rocket

Tech Drawing of KRY

Tech drawings of KRY

KRY is my Level 1 Cert attempt rocket.


The body was 2 inch plastic tube, similar to drain pipe.

The nosecome was bought from Pete's rockets and is a standard PML kit type plastic nosecone

The fins were originally bought to go on Qoubba but they were far too big and looked really silly, so they were used in this rocket which they are much better suited to, and don't look as silly. 

The rocket had parachute recovery using the motor ejection charge and a piston to deploy chute.

Flight History

1. Flown Pete's Farm Sept 2000 and the rocket went up well and the ejection charge worked as it should seperating the rocket and kicking out the parachute, unfortunately the parachute did not then open so I didn't get my level one cert, but next time I'm sure I will. Motor used H123-W, there was no altimeter in the rocket so i have no flight data but the rocket did sim to 2085 ft and other than the parachute not opening it seemed to go as planned. (Photograph courtesy of Bob Arnott)

2. Flown at EARS Site near Cambridge 4th December 2000 and this time everything went to plan and I'm now Certified. I used the same Motor but only an 18 inch parachute this time. The flight was straight so it probably went to around 2000ft again.

3. Flown at EARS Site near Cambridge 17th February 2001 and again everything went to plan. This flight was my Tripoli Level One attempt so beware America I can now come over and play with my rockets over there. This flight was also my first having an Altimeter on board, and the verified height from the altimeter was 1165ft, this was lower than expected but the rocket did weathercock quite a bit. Motor used this time was a H242W

4. Flown at EARS site near Cambridge 3rd June 2001 and yet again this rocket behaved itself and worked as planned. Unfortunately i left my altimeter at home so i didn't get an altitude reading but it sim'ed to 3800ft. Motor user this time was an I357T.

5. Flown at UKRA2001 held at Pete's Farm in Lincolnshire on the 16th June. KRY has prove itself to be a very reliable rocket by flying another successful flight on an I357T. This time the rocket got to just over 2000ft I forgot the exact reading).

6. On Sunday 17th June at UKRA KRY flew again this time on an I300 which yet again flew well and produced an altitude of 3300 odd ft.

7. On Saturday 4th May at Big EARS KRY flew again this time on a 4 grain Pro38 motor, these motors are very easy to put together and take off the second you hit the button. Unfortunately although the flight was great and went VERY high it was not recovered and is now in a field hidden by some high crops somewhere in Cambridge. It does however have contact details on it and the locals know all about our launch activities so there is a slim chance that someone may find it and hand it back. This is the first rocket I've ever lost and since it carried my altimeter I lost quite a bit of kit on this flight. It was thought that the rocket went over 5000ft but now we'll never know.