lbt rocketLBT was the first rocket I build. I was introduced to the world of rocketry by my boyfriend who dragged me along to the 1999 IRW at Largs.

Since I was there anyway I thought I may as well give it a go. I came prepared with a tinfoil tube and some sepia (the film used on overhead projectors).

LBT was named after my first car as it was the same colour, as you can see in the photo it doesn't have fins at the moment as they are about to be replaced with fins that won't break off every time I transport it to an event. Anyway He's a mpeg of LBT in it's flying days. By the way the flight wasn't really only 7 seconds long LBT was lost in the sky for a while and just recaught on film on it's way back down again.


The body was made from a cardboard tinfoil tube. 

The nosecome was made from making a cone out of the sepia and tapeing it to a small tube of sepia which then slotted inside the body tube.

The fins were made from balsa wood which someone kindly gave me.

The rocket has steamer recovery and is deployed using the ejection charge from the motor.

Flight History

1. Flown at IRW August 1999 and everything worked well. I have never sim'ed this rocket so don't have a projected height for it. Motor D12-6

2. Flown at IRW August 2000 and everything went to plan. Motor D12-6