This is a page of links to my various projects etc.

Race for Space Project

My first major project was writing the script and sorting out the website for the Race for Space competition site, which is now no longer. I used perl to write the script, the data is stored in SQLite and the website uses CSS, that was my first attempt with CSS and using SQLite and altho the script isn't very well written as i'm still learning perl and don't yet know the best way to do stuff, but it does all the functions that are required.

Cross-stitch Project - Thistle

I have just finished working on a thistle. It wasn't very big but I wanted something that I knew I'd get finished. There is a piccie of the final work here.

Homemade Cards

I started making cards just before Christmas 2008 and found i really enjoyed it and have since spent lots on materials to make more. The cards are made using rubber stamping and embossing tecniques, but in the future I may try other ways. Collection of some of the cards I have made can be seen by following these links to the Birthday and Christmas cards

Flower Corsage

I'm a member of Wandsworth WI and it is at our June 2012 meeting I made this flower corsage - full corsage, on my laptop bag