Pink Peril

Pink Peril

Pink Peril is a rocket built by Bruce, hatter and myself to take to LDRS in 2006. For this we wanted to take a bigger rocket than we could carry in our usual hold luggage so the rocket had to be built and ready to be shipped a week before the event, Pink Peril now lives with hatter. 


The body was 6 inch glassed phenolic tube, with 3 54mm motor mount

The nosecome is a standard PML fiberglass nosecone

The fins are made from G11 fiberglass

Flight History

1. Flown at LDRS 25, Armarillo, Texas. The rocket had 3 K550 aerotech motors to lift it, but only 2 lit, the rocket still launched and recovered successfully and also managed to get onboard video footage.

2. Flown at BALLS 2006 Blackrock Desert, Nevada. The rocket had 3 J295 - Ceseroni motors, All motors lit, rocket flew well and was recovered after being dragged 100ft across the Playa, fin had come unattached but also recovered and has since been fixed.