Tech Drawing of sKrabble

sKrabble tech drawing

sKrabble is the rocket I built to take to LDRS in 2006, this is very similar to kWibble which was at BALLS in 2005, but has a larger avionics bay in it to be able to take my camera. 


The body was 3inch glassed phenolic tube, with a 54mm motor mount

The nosecome was bought from Pete's rockets and is a standard PML nosecone

The fins are made from G11 fiberglass

Flight History

1. Flown at LDRS 25, Armarillo, Texas. On a Sky Ripper Hybrid, Unfortunately it coned quite a bit and the camera didn't work and was damaged on it's landing, however this has now been fixed and it will fly again. Rocket was not due to go high, but because of the coning it only reached 1040ft.