Week 4 Answer

These are the answers to the Week 4 quiz.

What is the currency of Ghana?
- Cedi
Who wrote 'Robinson Crusoe'?
- Daniel Defoe
What were Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe pioneers of?
- Test-tube Babies
Who made the music album 'Dummy'?
- Portishead
Who won England cricket's county championship in 1990 ?
- Middlesex
What is Cilla Blacks real name (one born with)?
- Pricilla White
By what other name is the Abominable Snowman better known ?
- Yeti
How is MDMA more commonly known?
- Ecstasy
What is the fear of Hell called ?
- Hadephobia
In chess, what name is given to a draw or tie?
- Stalemate
In which city were the 1948 Olympics held?
- London
If a sailor was in "the heads," where would he be?
- Toilet
What type of machine was invented by Isaac Singer?
- Sewing Machine
Where would you find Yogi Bear and Boo Boo?
- Jellystone Park
Entymology is the study of what?
- Insects