Week 9 Answers

Here are the answers to the Week 9 quiz

Who won the FA Cup in 1970 ? - Chelsea
Castries is the capital of which country? - Saint Lucia
Which prince's last three middle names are Charles Albert David ? - Prince Harry
Who made the music album 'Saint Dominic's Preview'? - Van Morrison
Who discovered the properties of penicillin ? - Sir Alexander Fleming
Who were the parents of Elizabeth I ? - Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII
Where would you be if you could see a Monument to Capt. Cook & the Whalebone Arch? - Whitby
What oriental game comprises 144 tiles? - Mah-jong
Who was the first woman to win a Nobel prize? - Marie Curie (1903 - Physics, for work on Radioactivity)
Who links the TV shows Millennium, The X Files & La Femme Nikita ? - Composer, Mark Snow
In the Bible, who followed King David as King? - Solomon
Which pudding traditionally goes with roast beef? - Yorkshire Pudding
In which country would you find Picardy? - France
Which acid was known as Oil of Vitriol? - Sulphuric Acid
Which legendary bird rises from its own ashes? - Phoenix