kWibble is the rocket I built to take to BALLS 2005 which was built to be launched on Research motors. Mixing your own solid propellant in the UK is illegal, however over the years we have made friends with many US rocketeers and for BALLS 2005 we flew out ahead of the launch to mix some of our own with the aid of someone who has tried and tested recipes and plenty of experience to keep us right.


The body was 3inch glassed phenolic tube, with a 54mm motor mount

The nosecome was bought from Pete's rockets and is a standard PML nosecone

The fins are made from G11 fiberglass

Flight History

1. Rocket was flown at BALLS in Blackrock Desert in 2005, it was flown on a homemade Red Sonia Motor which was approximately a K650. Unfortunately although the motor worked perfectly and the rocket seperated at apogee as planned the main chute did not come out as planned and the rocket was found in bits on the playa. This destroyed the GWhiz LC Delux which was onboard, and so I have no idea what altitude it got to.